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Title: .:: Dustyhawk :: Broken Mirror ::.
URL: http://dustyhawk.blogdrive.com
Description: Looking through the splinter of glass, I am a self-professed man with the plan who is running forward. Running on top of the broken mirror. I am unafraid to bleed,unafraid to die. Yet,very much afraid to lose those who are precious to me. Much afraid to be alone for no man is an island. For it's this very reason I run forward on the broken mirror. To bleed...to be free...and to feel the meaning of Life. Whether it's a good journey or a bad journey. Each broken mirror that pierces my skin, is the shards of Love and Hate and the inbetweens. So forgive me, for being loving,hateful and just being plain. I'm just being who i am, no sugar-coating...just the pure mes. For this I am....the Brôkéñ Mîrrõr known as Dustyhawk.

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