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Techniques for spotting haunted houses and detecting ghosts (Visit this link)

A property can become haunted if there happens to be an abundance of negative energy inside. Or if there is a tremendous lack of positive energy.Ghosts are nothing more than masses of negative energy. Naturally they seek an environment which has an abundance of such energy. If the house has enough negative energy, ghosts or evil spirits will be tempted to enter and haunt it. How does a house or property become haunted? Well, several factors - was the land previously a cemetery? Or a war zone where masses of people were killed? Or a place where a mass murder had taken place? All the above produce strong negative energy. And if a house is built on it, the negative energy will permeate every nook and cranny of your house. It will then be no surprise it you see ghosts inside.Say a house is initially normal - it has an equal balance ofpositive and negative energy. But say the occupant perpetually has a negative perspective of life. From this person negative energy exude and flow around him. Over time, this energy will flow all over the house, overpowering and destroying the positive energy, eventually filling every nook and cranny. Is it surprising then that the house can become haunted?If you have had encounters with ghosts, however subtle, please tell us! Our aim is to inform everybody the signs to look for to determine if a house is haunted. http://www.spottinghauntedhouses.com

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